Let Him Die!

I just love it when the folks who claim to be pro-life show their true colors. Watch the following short video and try to concentrate not on the expression of horrible meanness  and complete lack of intellectual ability on Ron Paul’s face but on the reaction of the audience:

I found the video here.

Why is a creature like Ron Paul even running for anything? Why are there people who think it’s acceptable to scream, “Yeah, let him die” and just continue living with themselves? What’s wrong with everybody?

I’m upset.

12 thoughts on “Let Him Die!”

  1. What also seriously bothered me about Paul’s rhetoric was this idea that churches should be the ones taking care of the sick who are uninsured. Many private food banks and religious based charities already serve poor populations and the disabled, and are stretched to the breaking point in this economy, and in less populated, more rural areas, if you belong to a non-Christian religion, it could be very hard to find a charity of your faith group who will take you in without trying to convert you. Also, many of them, like the Salvation Army, will not assist you if you are a queer or transgender person, groups who are already more vulnerable to poverty and homelessness than the mainstream.


  2. It also ignores the massive changes in the health care industry over the past few decades. Nonprofit hospitals have dried up in this country because for-profit hospitals took the patients who could pay and sent those who couldn’t to the nonprofits. There aren’t that many nonprofits left anymore.


  3. Following his definition of Freedom, I wonder why the United States bothered to form an nation, or even single states. I mean just look at all the responsibility it burdens you with !

    I mean just look at how free people were before states where instigated. You were free !(do die of whatever you contracted).


    1. Yes, the slogan “Live free or die” seems to have been transformed into “Die in order to show everybody how free you are.”

      Can anybody explain to me why there are so many people who find this garbagy ideology attractive???


      1. I’ve read that not many really do. Not that far, at least.

        Imo it’s the combination of bad education and corporate interests pulling tons of money in around the clock propaganda machine via distorting lies in mass media.


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