Where Is Russia Going?

Want to know what direction Russia is heading in? A picture is worth a thousand words:

I found this photo on this Russian-language blog. I haven’t seen anything this horrifying in a while.

15 thoughts on “Where Is Russia Going?

  1. WTF is this? Muslim Amish Russian nationalists giving a Fascist salute while wearing Muslim head-scarves? I cannot even process this. Whatever it is it has to be bad, though.


    1. I know. These are the Russian Orthodox Church members with Nazi sympathies. Their number is growing and they embody all of the values the government wants to promote. We’ve had a beautiful history of secularism and feminism on our countries. Not to speak of anti-Fascism. And now this???


      1. I also wanted to add that the leaders of ROChurch have been promoting the idea of imposing a dress code on women in Russia. The “modest attire” women would be expected to wear is what you see in this photo.

        This insanity is being seriously discussed by everybody in Russia. A dress code. For women.

        I now want to unlearn my own language.


        1. This kind of think is why I am an atheist when being agnostic is more logical. I want there to be no God and no religion and all it can be made to entail.


  2. If it wasn’t because you said that this is real I would have sworn this had to be photoshopped! This is insane!


  3. Before reading Jonathan’s comment I thought they were waving. One commentor wrote:
    “”Зига” в их случае означает древний жест приветствия от сердца к небу. Так делали древние славяне.”

    If you want to feel worse, read this:
    Амвросий (Сиверс)
    Канонизировал Адольфа Гитлера
    Гитлер для ИПХ являлся действительным богоизбранным вождем-помазанником, не только в политическом, но и в духовном мистическом смысле, благие плоды дел которого ощутимы до сих пор. Посему ИПХ безусловно воздают ему некую честь, как своего рода «внешнему праведнику», оставшемуся вне Церкви, за попытку освобождения земли русской от жидовско-большевицкого нашествия

    At least, it’s a small fridge group, probably not unlike KKK in US today:
    Амвро́сий фон Сиверс (настоящее имя Алексе́й Бори́сович Смирно́в; 30 апреля 1966, Москва) — религиозный лидер («архиепископ»[1]) малочисленной незарегистрированной[2] неканонической экстремистской[3][4][5] группы «Церковь истинно-православных христиан России», именуемых «неоандреевцевцами»


    1. I was completely horrified by the comment thread, too. People were actually defending this as an ancient Slavic custom. WTF??? In FSU, of all places, we have a very good knowledge of the Nazi salute.

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  4. Putin himself wrote a newspaper article:
    which a Russian (Jewish in nationality) popular blogger fritzmorgen described as:

    “Хорошие новости, господа. Путин официально и недвусмысленно объявил, что он собирается делать в свой третий президентский срок. Восстанавливать Российскую Империю… Обратите, пожалуйста, внимание, что статья в «Известиях» написана Путиным лично. Тот факт, что Путин счёл задачу возрождения империи достойной своей предвыборной статьи показывает, сколько значения он этому вопросу придаёт.”


    1. Of course, this was never a secret. That empire, which never really went away, is called the Soviet Union. Which, in turn, had inherited most of the traditions of the Russian Empire.


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