Do Americans Love Spain?

FeMOMhist posted the following question:

Why do Americans love Spain/Spaniards so much when they dislike so many other peeps in foreign lands?

Do they? I never heard about this but if it’s true, that’s welcome news.

So please enlighten me, American readers. Do you love Spain and its people more than other foreigners?

And also a question my professor once asked us: what qualities do you associate with Spaniards?

Of course, you don’t have to be American to answer these questions.

If anybody wants a separate thread started to find out what people associate with their country, I’m always willing to oblige.

17 thoughts on “Do Americans Love Spain?

  1. The first things to come to mind when I hear “Spain” are sunshine, good food, exquisite architecture, and my friends Angelo and Alvaro, who are really sweet people.
    Personally though, my favourite European countries are Sweden, Norway, and Belgium.


    1. I heard that about Switzerland, too. Of course, Americans are so polite that nobody can measure up. It took me a while to get used to how overwhelmingly nice people are in this country.


  2. I’ve never heard of people liking Spain/Spaniards disproportionately to other countries. I for one don’t love it. I spent a semester in Segovia, a city known for a) having the most bars per capita in all of Spain and b) having really rude, unkind people. The people of Segovia would proudly tell us all about point b. What really hurt any potential for loving the country was watching day after day as people pulled down their pants and peed or even shat right there in full view. I love different cultures, but I don’t like realizing that it was human poo I just stepped in.

    On the other hand, the history and culture is absolutely incomparable – all the way from the prehistoric drawings and the Celtic times through Franco and now the modern era, there’s never been a dull day. Studying the history of Spain is addicting.

    That, and the weekend night churro stand….pretty much the only things I loved about Spain.


    1. REally? Sorry but, was this really a general picture of Segovia? Exactly where in Segovia were you? because that doesn´t fit with the idea of Segovia we´ve got in Spain…


      1. I have never been to Segovia. All I can say is that there is a huge regional variation among people, cuisines, architecture, customs, nature, etc. in Spain.

        I’m biased because obviously I adore Spain, live for its culture, and admire its people. Spanish Civil War touches me a lot more strongly than the civil war in my own country.


    2. Elizabeth, I’m Spaniard and i’m from… Segovia. You are in the wrong way about think segovians are rude..


  3. I haven’t really given Spain much thought, but my European fascination is much further north (studying Norse and Anglo-Saxon literature will do that to a person, I suppose).


  4. I never knew Americans loved us- anyway, we kind of are nicer than people in other parts of Europe, specially northern Europe. People in Italy are nice too- do you love Italy?


    1. I’ve never been to Italy and I’m not planning to go any time soon. I feel uncomfortable coming to a country whose language I don’t speak. Especially, if it’s a Romance language.


  5. No. I am more interested in the person than their country of origin. I like flamenco music and dance, the architecture of Gaudi, Hesperion/ Jordi Savall early music group, the paintings of El Greco, etc., but I have no idea whether I would like living in Spain.


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