Putin’s High Heels

A president of a huge nuclear power who is this insecure is a very dangerous person, indeed.

16 thoughts on “Putin’s High Heels

  1. I don’t think it’s a reliable sign that he has height insecurity. Statistics favor taller men getting into positions of power. Perhaps he’s just doing what’s necessary (that’s not a defense of Putin btw). Obviously we’re more likely to see tall people or those who fake it because of such stats. He might have height issues anyway but then again he might not.


  2. Sarkozy, Kim Jong Il, and Putin all rule countries and wear heels?
    What an odd trio of men. Though personally, if I ever rule a country, I’m wearing heeled boots, just because I love them too much to wear anything else.


  3. I’m not sure what the arrow on the right side is supposed to represent. I don’t think it’s all lift as his toes are still clearly at ground level. Men who want to look taller tend to use lifts that are lift not high heels, I think. He might be wearing a desert boot that has the look of a mans dress shoe in front and still goes up the back of the heel that much.


  4. He is really funny. I was today at the house of Parliament and I saw a very important politician on the stage, which is short too…and the first thing that I heard around me was “It is that short?”…so, that means height is important in politics. :))


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