Movie Theaters Are Stupid

Finally, a movie I really really really want to watch. And here are the closest theaters showing it:

Our local theaters are showing all kind of stupid crap but a movie about the birth of psychoanalysis is nowhere to be found. I’m annoyed, people! Does anybody know whether it will ever reach our area?

22 thoughts on “Movie Theaters Are Stupid

  1. Well, actually it’s not as far as one would think – I’ll be in Marin County. The excursion I’d like:

    – ferry from Larkspur Landing to the ferry building in SF
    – have lunch or coffee or something in those gourmet stands in the ferry building
    – walk over to Embarcadero, see movie
    – walk further, up to City Lights Books
    – coffee or a drink or something at Vesuvio next door
    – walk further, up to Chinatown, have dinner
    – long walk back, have a carajillo or something in the ferry building while waiting for the last boat
    – watch all the city lights and stars and things from the deck, as we go past the islands, across the bay and home

    … the old ones cannot do all that walking any more, but it would be just the thing.


  2. Jung’s emphasis on archetypes represents his most radical departure from Freud. Jung has the idea that there is another force, perhaps a third force, apart from parental authority, that can shape a child’s development. In a way he reifies the childish imagination and refers to the dialectical process between imagination and concrete being in terms of archetypes. This makes Jung’s approach much closer to shamanism than Freud’s approach is. Whereas Jung has at least three dimensions to his thinking, Freud’s seems to have only two. Whereas Jung sees the third force in terms of mystical experience, Freud’s theoretical position would seem to default to “pathology”.


    1. I never bought into the whole archetype theory. But Jung destroyed the stupid penis envy myth, which was Freud’s huge gaffe. For this, he deserves to be remembered. Also, his explanations of the psychological causes of diseases is extremely valuable.


  3. bloggerclarissa :
    I never bought into the whole archetype theory. But Jung destroyed the stupid penis envy myth, which was Freud’s huge gaffe. For this, he deserves to be remembered. Also, his explanations of the psychological causes of diseases is extremely valuable.

    I agree. Archetypes are just another word for the capacity of the imagination and how it can have a formative influence on us.


      1. Sorry compañera, it was there at the beginning of November. We wanted to watch it too, but it seems we’ll have to wait to the DVD.


    1. Hah! More Clarissa-haters! I like-y. 🙂

      Thank you for bringing the link here. I’d never have discovered it myself.

      “The Clarissa person appears to be a bright multilingual young academic “pro sex” fun-feminist with a prolific self-promotional blog”

      Yes! This is totally me. Except the “young” part. I’m kind of middle-aged already. The part about narcissistic bragging is very true, though.

      These haters are so funny, especially given that their own writing is impotent and their blogs are lonely and visited by no one.


    2. “Western feminists studiously avoid my blog and do not even mention it, as it deals with issues of African feminism that could contaminate them if so much as referred to.”

      -Also because you write in a very profound way and one needs to be very prepared intellectually to follow this level of discourse. And why make the effort, if you can happily blabber for years about how you are oppressed by lipstick and shaved armpits.

      Let’s take the idea of martial arts as a way of personal growth and a path to solving psychological issues. Or shamanism. These ideas are way to deep for many people. And they also fall to far outside of the accepted pale of medication-pop psych-housewifely talk shows agenda.


  4. For what is worth, my view on feminism has changed for the better thanks to Clarissa. I thought all feminists were like her critics, whose ideas I find very extreme and far out from reality. However, I can agree with a lot of what Clarissa says.


  5. You missed its first appearance in STL. It was the headliner in the 100+ film St. Louis Film Festival. Don’t be too sad. The headliners in the SLIFF always make it to one of the art house theaters** for a week or two – the films just don’t make the “first week” list that includes top-tier cities. **Tivoli or Hi-Pointe or Plaza Frontenac theaters.


  6. I can’t see the spray of comments on the pseudo-feminists that would be above, as for some reason they only display on iPad.

    Anyway, it’s very interesting how much contemporary feminism makes its politics to be about its feelings. This phenomenon is so widespread that there ought to be a name for it. For instance, this email this morning, full of emotional blackmail about not joining an organisation is one is not spoken to nicely.

    > >>> Please note I would prefer to not have to deal with delegate XXXXX
    > >>> due to comments he made towards me when I was attempting to sign up
    > >>> previously. I have vacillated on membership for this reason for quite some
    > >>> time. If there is another local delegate


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