Amazon Keeps Creeping Me Out

I never bought any music from Amazon or listened to any music on my Kindle. So I pressed a button called “Visit Music Store” on my Kindle Fire and was taken to my music recommendations. The only recommendation I got was “Violent Femmes” by Violent Femmes. I’ve never heard about this group and don’t know their music.

But isn’t “a violent femme” the best way to describe me? And, most importantly, how does Amazon know that about me?

I’m creeped out.

16 thoughts on “Amazon Keeps Creeping Me Out

  1. you’ve never heard of the violent femmes? they were v. hip groups way back in my youth comprised oddly enough of three dudes who played sort of punk-like music


  2. Maybe the Amazon system made the jump from seeing that you bought feminist literature to suggesting music with the word “feminist.” That is the sort of misstep a computer would likely make.


  3. Aw man, now I want to go listen to “Blister in the Sun”. Boy, does the reference to the Violent Femmes bring back high schools memories… good ones, surprisingly enough.


  4. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    After daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    I get aaangryyyyyyyyyyyyy
    And I will saaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    &c. &c.


  5. I think it’s a computing hiccup. I get loads of interesting results when I type random things into Itunes. The engine, in that case cross-referenced things you’d bought, and coughed up things that it ‘thought’ you might be interested in. I am vaguely surprised you didn’t get a result for Le Tigre or one of the riot-grrl bands.


    1. If I’d been recommended a group called “Le Tigre”, I would have really flipped out because the expression has a deeply personal meaning to me that nobody is supposed to know about. 🙂


  6. Yeah, I can see how running across a band with a name like your nickname (or someone else’s nickname) in it would be a bit weird. My first name used to be so common that I occasionally hear songs with a variant of my name in them and it always gives me a jolt. I’ll just say that my first name’s ridiculously common and old-fashioned.


  7. Well, you just ran post about how your femme representation gets men to hit on you.
    So, the question is, if you are violent or not 🙂


  8. That is really weird.

    And the Violent Femmes are probably the single most God-awful band I have ever heard, including that of my college boyfriend, who played bass for “Steel Toast.”

    And yet somehow I love them; they make me smile. They are so bad they are lovable.


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