A Gym on the Beach

From a review of a resort in Punta Cana:

The gym was sad. It needs major renovations. I like to work out on vacation but this gym should be closed down. The attendant was useless and walk around outside the gym area most of the time.

The most fascinating people of all are the ones who pay a boatload of money to come to a resort and, instead of playing volleyball and running on the beach, swimming, diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, parasailing and doing all the other athletic things the resort offers, choose to go INDOORS to run on a TREADMILL in an air-conditioned environment. Because, obviously, they don’t have the same gym with the same treadmill and the same AC back home in Indiana.

My favorite athletic activities at a resort are swimming, table tennis, and dance classes on the beach. There is also this great activity where you can play chess on the beach with huge chess pieces that you have to lift and carry in your arms. This activity exercises both the brain and the body. But I tend to lose all of my chess games before the 4th move, so it doesn’t work for me. My sister, however, is a brilliant chess player.

6 thoughts on “A Gym on the Beach

  1. But Clarissa, don’t you know that it doesn’t count as “real” exercise unless you have a calorie counter and don’t enjoy it one bit? No pain, no gain, who has time for activities that don’t involve showing off what a disciplined, healthy person I am by going to the gym while on vacation?


  2. “My favorite athletic activities”

    What. That sentence does not compute in my brain. How can the horrid term “athletic activities” be anyone’s favorite.

    Yes, my spirit animal is the snail. Why do you ask?


    1. Yes, I hate all kind of sport, too. Unless the lifting of food to my mouth counts. 🙂

      But now I have to become more active than that because the possibility of another hypertensive episode terrorizes me. I had one 2 years ago and it was horrible.


      1. Oh well. I have fairly low blood pressure naturally. I do need to walk more; I’ve put on some weight again. But summer is near, my least favorite time of the year when I hate to go outside and do anything.


  3. Ha, gyms on vacation are for people like my husband, who genuinely love to run but can’t do it in heat. It people like my mom, who need low resistance exercises like exercise bikes it ellipticals due to joint problems.


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