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Male Solidarity

N. and I were celebrating our third wedding anniversary at this really cool new restaurant last night. Of course, we both speak Russian to each other but it’s a different kind of Russian. Since I’m Ukrainian, I speak very emotionally, rapidly and my voice is very inflected. There is also a lot of hand-waving and many different facial expressions. N. is “a real Russian”, so his way of speaking Russian is slower, has flatter intonations, and sounds less emotional. It is also much quieter.

A waiter observed me talk to N. about the elections and finally decided to interfere.

“Is he in trouble?” he asked, pointing at N. and looking at me with reproach.

I had to explain that everything was perfectly fine and I was not scolding N.

It is kind of annoying to think that I come off as a nagging wife to strangers who don’t understand what I say but it’s good to see an instance of male solidarity.


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10 thoughts on “Male Solidarity

  1. So you being ukranian is the reason you absolutely despise stalin


    • That’s not the only reason. I’m also Jewish on my father’s side. 🙂 And I’m human on all sides. 🙂


      • Unfortunately the western media has spread great deal of propoganda on stalins role in famine of ukraine


        • This “propaganda” is clearly not working because nobody seems to know about Holodomor and what is even more sad, nobody seems to care. Our suffering is seen as boring because in the eyes of many people communism is still salvageable and communists can’t do anything wrong. What we experiences is referred to as a mistake instead of as a genocide and crime against humanity.


  2. Profesor F-B on said:

    Congratulations on the anniversary!


  3. Congratulations, here’s to many more.

    I find it hilarious that the waiter intervened. It must have been a very friendly place. I can’t imagine it happening in France.


  4. Iam not saying stalin has not committed any atrocities.But the bias in western media is so blatant.For example the bengal famine during worldwar2 is orchesterated by churchill which killed 5 million people,but very little mention of it occurs in media


    • “For example the bengal famine during worldwar2 is orchesterated by churchill which killed 5 million people,but very little mention of it occurs in media”

      – I agree that this is horrible. But the Ukrainians are not faring any better than the Bengalis in the Western media. At least not that I have seen.


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