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Blogging Locations: Office Again

I’m back in my office after talking to the departmental secretary who told me this hilarious story.

A colleague needed pencils to give her students to fill in teaching evaluations. She was in a hurry, so she grabbed a bunch of pencils from the departmental office without looking at them.

When she distributed the pencils to the students, she heard suppressed giggles that gradually transformed into roaring laughter.

It turned out that the pencils were inscribed with the words “Cypress Cove Nudist Resort.” I’m sure it will take her years to live down the reputation as the Nudist Prof.

The secretary tried to find out who had brought the nudist pencils in but nobody is willing to confess. The mystery of “Who’s the nudist?” will haunt our department for years to come.

P.S. A clarification: I’m not the mysterious nudist, in case you were wondering. I’d rather eat onion rings while wearing jeans, drinking beer, and driving a truck with a bear I beheaded with my bare hands than come close to a nudist resort. Yes, the alliteration is intentional.


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One thought on “Blogging Locations: Office Again

  1. Profesor F-B on said:

    Awesome story! Who is the mystery professor, …or secretary, or chair, or dean, or…


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