How Well Do You Know Clarissa: Romantic

How Well Do You Know Clarissa:

When my husband wants to do something really romantic for me, something that would have a deep personal significance, he gives me:

A. A book.

B. Peaches.

C. Diamonds.

D. Chocolate.

E. A round of applause.

F. Shoes.

G. Hugs and kisses.


10 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know Clarissa: Romantic”

  1. A. A book – would make sense

    B. Peaches – would not make sense (which means it could make sense)

    C. Diamonds – wrong plane of existence

    D. Chocolate – too american (IME chocalate isn’t so emotional for women outside the US)

    E. A round of applause – I could see that

    F. Shoes – Could really see that

    G. Hugs and kisses – Really counterintuitive

    I’m gonna say F (with A in reserve since just any old book might not be your thing)


  2. Melocotones! I remember you mentioning they were used metaphorically in several books. I’m not sure about the meaning they communicated but I’m sure it was a deep feeling for someone…. perhaps you can remind us?


  3. Cliff, we old blog readers know it is B because this has been explained in the past. But, your thought process is interesting on this and I also learned something: is that why American women like chocolate, it is emotionally significant? This explains the fixation, I had not figured it out before although I guess I should have done.


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