Girl Scouts Rock

I thought Girl Scouts was a silly organization dedicated to fostering forced sociability and thinly disguised athletics, but now it seems like it’s a really cool club:

What I’ve learned over the last year tells me that the Girl Scouts organization has taken a very liberal feminist and pro-homosexual turn, and more disturbing, a sharp turn away from acknowledging God.

How cool is that? But wait, there is more:

At the 2008 Girl Scout National Council Session and Convention. . . the traditional flag ceremony was trashed, as was the playing of our National Anthem.  Flags of all nations were brought in bunched together to Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire tunes.

Wow! Very enlightened.

In grades 11 and 12, the curriculum is called “Your Voice, Your World: The Power of Advocacy.”  The most disturbing part is that at the bottom of each page is a “Voice for Good”  featuring women meant to be role models for the girls to follow.

Among these role models are Simone de Beauvoir and Bettie Friedan (whom the weird author of the article calls “Friedman.” This same weirdo then misspells the name of Audrey Lorde.)

But the best news of the article comes right at the end:

For this mom, it was an easy decision.  Girl Scouts simply isn’t the organization it once was, and it’s not compatible with my Catholic faith any longer.  Yeah, I know. I´ll miss the cookies a lot.  I´ve been known to eat an entire box of Thin Mints in one sitting, but not anymore.  My faith is more important.  My loyalty to Christ and His Church is more important, and my daughters´ hearts and minds are definitely more important.

This is really good to know. If all grievously uneducated bigots with horrible spelling skills remove themselves from any given organization, that organization has a chance to shine. And that is wonderful.


26 thoughts on “Girl Scouts Rock”

  1. I was a Girl Guide (and a Brownie), it most tiresome. We did boring things and I wished I could do the fun stuff the boys were doing. It wasn’t allowed then.

    From the comments after that article it seems that the grass roots groups are not necessarily as advanced as the leadership. It certainly seems to have changed a lot since my day anyway, a good thing too.


  2. When I was a Girl Scout in the 70s there was hardly a mention of God, and most of what we did involved camping and sitting around talking about stuff. But we did do some good things, like pick up litter and so on. It looks like they took a turn for the more interesting since then — I’m glad to see they didn’t do the backsliding into the (imaginary) 50s that a lot of other organizations did when the 80s came around.


  3. I was a girl scout for 13 years (technically I still am one, as I was gifted a lifetime membership when I graduated high school.) Quite honestly, I’ve found that your experience with GS is completely dependent on your troop leader. I learned how to go camping in the snow. I learned how to ride horses, and make fires. I learned how to communicate with other people, and even lead. I got my gold award. I got scuba certified. Heck, I even got to, through girl scouts, travel with a group of 14 girls to the Galapagos Islands. And GS taught me that I could be a woman and still be anything I wanted to be. I credit GS with a lot for how I turned out, and it makes me happy to see that reasonable people may start to see that too.

    This isn’t to say, however, that my experience with girl scouts is what everyone’s is. It really really does depend on your local leadership! I just got lucky.


    1. That’s not true of all troops. My brother’s troop is attempting to instate a policy of inclusion. The issue is, without enough support, they could lose their charter. It’s not going to be an easy change with homophobic fanatics set against it, but individual troops are attempting to voice their opposition to this policy. I know this isn’t the most phenomenal source, but it does show that my brother’s troop is not alone in their values:


  4. An infographic with that information has been going around my facebook wall for a while now. It was created by people who think it’s a bad thing, but everyone on my wall has been pledging to buy more cookies because of it.
    I was in Girl Scouts for several years before my troop dissolved, and we did all kinds of fun things like camping, horseback riding, and flying small planes.


  5. “SCOTUS ruled in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale that since BSA is a private organization, it can set its own membership standards.”

    I agree. The State should not forbid thar kind of stupidity. But we have the right to tell the people than those homophobic haters are vile faggot fucktards!


  6. So, she used to be an obscene glutton and probably still is, eating all sorts of things at one sitting. We are supposed to regret that she takes her gluttony elsewhere? I’m sure there are many all you can eat facilities in America. A lot of the vegetables may be served with intellectual depletion. She can stuff her fat face with corn syrup and assorted garbage.


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