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Horrifying Baby Shower Cakes

Courtesy of my dear friend Ol., here are some really horrible baby shower cakes:

[Warning: some are vomit producing.]





Note that the last baby has two front teeth. It is probably chewing its way out of the vagina.

Believe me, folks, I love vulgar jokes. There was even a thread on this blog where we shared off-color jokes. However, if there is one thing that is sacred and that should never be ridiculed it is the miraculous, fulfilling, joyous process of eating. Food is not to be taken lightly.

If you enjoyed these photos, here is a lot more.


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21 thoughts on “Horrifying Baby Shower Cakes

  1. That first one… ever seen a movie called The Fly?


  2. OMG, they are horrible!!!


  3. Sister on said:

    Omg I totally did not get the last one until you pointed it out!!!

    You will need a special post on vomit-inducing baby shower games (eating chocolate off of diapers, anyone?)..


  4. Sister on said:

    How about some pregnancy shots?


  5. Why would anyone think that symbolically eating babies is an appropriate way to celebrate a baby shower?


  6. The baby with alien eyes is freaky, but the most disturbing one here is the blue-tinged baby; why did they want to make it seem like the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen?

    Ok, I clicked through to the link… some of them try to recreate not only pubic hair but the bloodiness of childbirth. The only thing I laughed at on that page is Darth Vader cuddling a baby girl. Maybe a Star Wars fan would like that.


  7. My favourite is number 28 – Alien bursting through the belly… Darth Vador is funny but most of the others are just creepy.

    What sort of mind creates a cake in the shape of a blue baby, a birthing pelvis, or has a baby swimming around in a jelly belly on a cake? And friends are expected to EAT these cakes? I’d be running for the hills.


  8. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH OH MY GOD. I was writing my own entry when yours was on that little, Suggestion thingie. So I decided to check this entry out.

    Well, there goes making Bacon for breakfast. Hahaha!


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