Subconscious Rules

I woke up at 5:40 am and couldn’t get back to sleep, which is extremely unusual for me. And then I discovered that I had forgotten to set my alarm clock and my subconscious was keeping me awake so that I wouldn’t miss my doctor’s appointment at 9 am.

8 thoughts on “Subconscious Rules

  1. My subconscious does this, too.

    I usually need a huge amount of sleep (10-12 hours), but on a day when I have to do something at a certain time I will often wake up sometime before I’ve set my alarm to go off, even if I haven’t gotten 10 hours of sleep.


  2. I just found out that antihistamines are why I sometimes get a poor night’s sleep. They must have added some anti-drowsy element to counteract the soporific effects.


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