Middle East Is a New Latin America

The Middle East is to the US today what Latin America was in the second half of the 1950s. A bugbear of Communism (which was completely irrelevant to the reality of these countries) was used to invade and plunder one after another Latin American nation.

Today, the bugbears of “Islamism”, terrorism and dictatorship are used to invade and plunder Middle Eastern countries. The bugbears are often completely irrelevant to the reality of these countries but it is very easy to confuse the geographically and politically challenged Americans on this subject.

The invade-and-plunder approach to foreign relations has become a way of life for  American politics to the extent where it subjugates any other consideration. At this very moment, we are seeing an American president going against everybody who voted for him, against the country’s citizens, against the allies of the US, against every voice of reason, with the single-minded determination of a zombie who is ready to sacrifice absolutely everything to the need to bomb and kill. Is there even anybody in this country who supports the invasion of Syria? Aside from the pathetic Kerry who is so grateful to be given an important job that he will support World War III if needed, of course.

The country is facing a myriad of problems. Planes are getting cancelled and delayed as a result of the sequester, the governmental services are crippled by the budgetary crisis, the infrastructures are decrepit, the high-speed railways and job-creating projects the president has been promising us since 2008 are still nothing but a fantasy – the list can be continued forever. And here we are, stuck in limbo discussing yet another plan to hassle one more miserable Middle Eastern country.

To add insult to a really horrible offense, the only reason we are officially given for all of this is that if the invasion doesn’t happen, Obama will end up looking bad over something he said God knows when and God knows to whom. Yeah, let’s totally go kill some folks to ensure that the guy’s self-esteem doesn’t suffer too badly.

But hey, as long as Blockhead Martin’s CEOs get to make out like bandits, we all should shut up and rejoice in how well we defend peace and democracy.

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