Job List, Four Years Later

I hate quoting posts in their entirety but it couldn’t be avoided in this particular case:

This week, there was exactly one (eins!) job added in German studies, and apparently its ideal “fit” will be in possession of demonstrated teaching ability, specialization in distance learning, a proven record of securing outside funding, and a time machine.

Texas Tech U. Texas Tech seeks a Germanist “specializing in early twentieth-century literature and culture, including Holocaust studies.” You know, all those things that happened in the early 20th Century, like the Holocaust.

Four years ago when I was last on the job market, we definitely never saw “distance learning” on job ads. And “a specialization in distance learning” was not even a term that existed. I’m reading it as “a person who teaches only online”, and that’s a scary concept.

Another new and troubling development is “a proven record of securing outside funding.” For a tenure-track position? In frigging German Studies? Seriously? What outside funding precisely is there to secure? Especially in a way that would be accessible to a recent PhD graduate or an adjunct?

The only thing that does not surprise me about this ad is that, in terms of the intellect, Texas Tech remains. . . you know. . . Texas Tech.

4 thoughts on “Job List, Four Years Later

    1. You can’t really compare German and Spanish. The majority of population in this country is not projected to be Germanic by 2050. 🙂 Peninsularists are in danger given that Spain is struggling to remain in existence. But Latin Americanists are about to enter into the Golden Age of their field.


  1. Jobs for Latin Americanists? Our Golden Age? I doubt so. There will be jobs for Chicano Studies folks (and in English, at that), perhaps, but not Latin Americanists. Besides, you should definitively overcome your years-on-the-market trauma and look at the list.


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