Britain: Not Great for Women

Dear UK, have you gone off your nut completely? Is this shit even for real?

Female students banned from speaking at Islam seminar and forced to walk through separate ‘sisters only’ entrance at leading London university.

You’ll say this is Daily Mail, so it’s got to be a load of baloney. But here is Reuters saying that the situation is even worse than what Daily Mail tells us:

Research by Student Rights, a group which aims to prevent extremism at universities, said that over the year to March 2013, 46 events at 21 separate institutions were found to have either explicitly promoted segregation by gender or implied that this would be the case. Six of these were cancelled before they took place, however, the group said.

And here is Cameron’s pathetically limp-wristed and bleating response:

Mr Cameron said: ‘I’m absolutely clear that there should not be segregated audiences for visiting speakers to universities in Britain.

‘That is not the right approach, the guidance should say that universities should not allow this.’

Can one be any more pathetic? “This is not a very good  thing to do, kiddies. The guidlines should not allow universities to allow not to allow for this to be allowed. . .”

How about, “This is a disgusting, vicious barbarity that no civilized society will ever allow”?

Or, how about, “Our insane immigration policies have saddled our society with a crowd of religious fanatics who hate the most beautiful advances of civilization and want to destroy them.”

Or, better yet, “Anybody who attempts to engage in such a practice, expresses an endorsement for it, or sighs with longing about it will be deported within 3 hours and never let back in under any pretense.

It is still not too late to do this. But soon it will be.

Because in 40 years anybody who dares whisper in a small, scared voice that maybe women should also have some rights since they are kind of human will be deported within 3 hours and never let back in under any pretense.

11 thoughts on “Britain: Not Great for Women

  1. The British approach to multiculturalism is that we not only have to tolerate extremists, but allow them to act on their extremism because it’s their “culture”. If we don’t tolerate their proactive intolerance, we’re the bigots, not them.

    What makes it even worse is that the misogynists and fundamentalists have to be treated as the Islamic norm so we can “tolerate” their hatred of women. It does nothing but lend credibility to the fundamentalists and drown out the voices of the nice, normal people who just want a religion. Nobody benefits from our multiculturalism except idiots and maniacs.


    1. When will the British people have enough of this insanity and change their approach? I mean, if an entire society is actively engaged in this kind of tolerance project, it must be getting some benefits out of it.


    2. Multi culturalism is a misnomer. You either have a dominant collective culture or you have insanity. It looks like the latter might be winning in Britian and on its way in Canada. 😦


      1. There are approaches to multiculturalism that do work. I’m a fan of America’s “melting pot” versus our “fruit salad”, as my ex-boyfriend says.


      2. @Benoni

        The US of A is a dominant collective culture. All the other cultures join to identify with that central idea. Britain, not so much.


  2. People just want to hold on to the last threads of religious mysticism whilst history still allows them that window of opportunity. I don’t have much doubt that the inability of Britain’s finest to do anything other than wring their hands has to do with a desire for collusion. The Abrahamic religions are all much of a muchness.


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