Vote for a New Look!

OK, folks, it’s that time of year again when I get restless about the blog theme and feel the need to change it. Please look at the following possibilities and vote for the one you prefer:

Theme 1 (Inspiration Laboratory):


Theme 2 (Adelle):


Theme 3 (Retro-fitted):

Or we could go back to our penultimate theme which is appropriately titled “Retro-fitted”:


Theme 4 (Grisaille):


Theme 5 (Under the Influence):


Theme 6 (Bon Vivant):


Theme 7 (SemPress):


So let’s vote! It’s time to be adventurous and change things around. You can choose up to 3 answers.

19 thoughts on “Vote for a New Look!

  1. Inspiration Laboratory has some nice illustration but it’s a pretty distracting design for a blog. Far too much of it is empty space and the black-text-on-orange-background combination is really hard to read. Grisaille is damn classy however, and Bon Vivant is good apart from the annoying curly font. 😛


  2. I wound up voting for 7. 4 could also be good. Bon Vivant looks cute but I prefer dark text on a light background. Agree with anon that theme 1 is an eyesore.


  3. Number 1 is so horrible. Even to read you, I would have to make some effort with it. 😦

    I really like both your current theme and 3.
    7 and 2 are very good too. (Voted for 2-3-7, for all convenient to read possibilities.)

    As for the rest (4,5,6), they are harder to read than black letters on white backgrownd. And the arrangement of posts of 5 is less convenient than one post after another.


  4. NEWS:

    Hot on the heels of Arizona news that one Christian woman was assaulted by another Christian woman in Phoenix because she said “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” (!) comes a New Jersey report that two men attempted to burn down a “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia” billboard put up by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (to counter a “Keep Christ in Christmas” banner hanging over Pitman’s main thoroughfare). It’s not the first attempt to deface/destroy the FFRF billboard since it was unveiled last week.


    1. This brings to mind a beautiful poem by Iosif Brodsky: “дайте мне перекреститься, а не то в лицо ударю.” 🙂 (“Let me make the sign of the cross or I’ll hit you in the face.”)


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