Republicans Want to Ensure Abortion of Healthy Fetuses

I thought Kasich was normal but hey, how can one expect any normalcy at all from these folks?

Within a few weeks, Ohio’s legislature is expected to criminalize any abortion if the pregnant woman’s intent is to avoid having a baby with Down syndrome.

. . Ph.ony “conservative” Republicans want to shrink “Big Government” just small enough to fit under people’s bedroom doors.

It is crucial to waste government resources to ensure that only healthy fetuses are aborted.

5 thoughts on “Republicans Want to Ensure Abortion of Healthy Fetuses”

  1. Banning abortion for a certain condition doesn’t do anything for the attitudes and reasons underlying the abortion that’s banned.


  2. Our conservatives/Republicans don’t want ANY abortions.
    Not in the case of rape, incest, or the life of the mother.

    They are the “Forced Labor” party.
    If you screw, women, you must pay for your wanton slutty ways! *

    *SNARK” if it’s not already obvious!

    Also too: Raising a child with Down Syndrome requires more work, patience, and a different skill-set, than bringing-up an ordinary baby.

    The same applies to children with severe Autism.

    I know, my best friends 3rd son is severely Autistic. He’s now 17 years old in legal years, but about 3-4 as far as his mental development.
    She had two boys before, and wanted a girl. Max was and is an absolutely gorgeous boy – now, young man.
    Unfortunately, we don’t think he’ll ever be able to live by, and support, himself.

    And my friend and her husband are pretty well off!
    They could afford all sorts of programs for him – but none seem to have helped as much as we all hoped.
    Imagine being a poor family, or single parent, and trying to raise a child with Down Syndrome or severe Autism?


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