The Same

So remember the rapist in Berlin who raped a 13-year-old Russian immigrant girl and filmed the rape to use as blackmail? He was given a suspended sentence of one year and 9 months. Meaning, he won’t serve a day and is free to go rape some more kids. 

I wish people kept this in mind whenever they start peeing themselves with delight over how very progressive Europe is compared to the supposedly backwards US. Shit’s the same everywhere. 


5 thoughts on “The Same”

  1. Seems like no kind of crime is taken seriously in Europe. Look at the second piece of news re a gun permit.


    \ Belgian troops shot a suspected suicide bomber in Brussels Central Station on Tuesday, officials said, adding that there were no other casualties and the situation was under control after people were evacuated.

    \ A man killed while ramming a car loaded with guns and a gas canister into a police van on Paris’s Champs-Élysées stored a cache of weapons at his home and had a gun permit despite being on a secret service list of people linked to radical Islam, French officials revealed on Tuesday.


  2. NEWS:

    Parents in Rendsburg, Germany, whose son did not attend a mosque visit as part of his geography curriculum, have been summoned to court. A spokesman for the Itzehoe district court, Philipp Terhorst, has confirmed that there will be a trial in August.

    The parents of the high school student had previously not accepted the fine of 300 euros – 150 euros each for the father and mother. They do not belong to any religious community and feared “religious indoctrination” of their child. They argued that no one may be compelled to enter a religious building against his will.


    Watch: BDS activists storm lecture by MK in Berlin
    Yesh Atid MK called ‘child murderer’ during lecture at Berlin university where Jewish books were burned in 1933.

    The disruption took place several minutes after MK Lavie began her lecture. The BDS activists began shouting and cursing and did not allow the lecture to continue or a discussion to take place.

    The scene played out before Devorah Weinstein, an 82 year old Holocaust survivor who participated in the delegation.

    At the end of the event, 20 BDS activists were waiting outside, so Lavie and the members of the delegation were taken out through the back exit and were accompanied by security.


    Marchers in the annual Al-Quds Day parade in London blamed a fire in a low-income apartment complex that left at least 58 dead on “Zionists.”

    Hundreds marched Sunday afternoon behind the Palestinian flag and behind a flag of Hezbollah, which has been named in Britain as an illegal terror organization.

    Many marchers also carried paper versions of the Hezbollah flag. No effort was made by London police to stop them


    1. Parents who prevent their kids from getting an education because of their personal hangups should definitely get fined. There’s zero difference between this and parents who don’t believe in evolution or that the earth is round and prevent a,school visit to a museum.


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