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Examples of Cool Capitalism

If you ask any of the earnest progressive academics whether they support the neoliberal precarization of labor, destruction of worker rights and the subjugation of workers’ leisure time to corporate needs, they will unanimously exclaim that no, of course not. 

And then they go on Facebook and celebrate these very same things because they provide a cute opportunity to virtue-signal. (Example: their celebration of the firing of the hapless Yelp reviewer from Yale).

This is what McGuigan terms “cool capitalism.” Capitalism seduces you into relinquishing your rights by making you feel cool and accomplished for doing it. (Example: people who answer work emails at night and on weekends because they feel productive and sophisticated doing it). 


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One thought on “Examples of Cool Capitalism

  1. Dreidel on said:

    “Capitalism seduces you into relinquishing your rights by making you feel cool and accomplished for doing it.”

    What a silly statement! But those words are McGuigan’s opinion and not yours, right?

    Capitalism is “cool” because it rewards individual effort and ability. It allows white men like Mike Pence, and blacks like Omaha, and Asians like Elaine Chao, to rise as far as their brains and elbow grease can take them, instead of telling them that they’re somehow “victims” who have to admit defeat because of the evil system — and that they should just shut up and be grateful that the collective nonsense called socialism will take care of them forever, using the money of other people who are despicable enough to have succeeded in life while they didn’t.


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