Hillary’s New Book

I just heard excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s new book, and oh God, why couldn’t I go on not knowing about this? I want to keep liking her but this ridiculous stuff about how Trump was “creepy” at the debates, etc is not letting me. 

Plus, in the program that discussed the book there was the very silly Naomi Wolf with her “a third of women in this country have been raped! Of course, Hillary was afraid during the debate!” I don’t know why we can’t just agree that 2000% of women have been raped, ideally by Trump in person, and move on already.


22 thoughts on “Hillary’s New Book”

  1. The book is for people who are still interested in the election. We aren’t, so it’s not of great interest to us, but there’s definitely people who want to read this. I have no issues with Hillary, I just don’t find her relevant anymore. Many of my fellow Hillary supporters, on the other hand, have become exceedingly irritating.


  2. I agree with Demotrash that Hillary is now irrelevant. I’m sorry that she lost the election, but I’m more interested in finding other women leaders that will be able to get elected to the office of president — if such an animal exists.


    1. I don’t think there’s any for 2020. There’s women who are running, but I think they’d all lose in the general. I don’t see any way Kamala Harris wins nationwide.


    2. “I’m more interested in finding other women leaders that will be able to get elected to the office of president”

      Job number one of the democrats should be finding an electable democrat. Period. Winning national elections is not/should not be about anything but a candidate with a good grasp of the issues (and an understanding of the process in Washington) who can get their butt into office. All else is secondary.

      Job number two is to prevent Clinton from running. Really. She’s gonna try and it will take a major show of force (and maybe dragons) to keep her from it.


      1. Well, I certain HOPE that Hillary runs! Nobody can stop her from entering the Democratic primary, and if she does, then another fossil/loser from the dead Democratic past — Joe Biden, who really regrets not running in 2016 — will also almost certainly enter the race. Maybe Bernie Sanders again, too…

        And the 2020 primaries will be VERY entertaining! 🙂 🙂


      2. I hope, hope, hope that all these books and stuff are not evidence she’s trying to run.

        I also hope that the Democrats ditch both identity and “Trump’s worse” as an electoral strategy. I hope they finally learn this shit is not working. I’m very inspired by the way Illinois Democrats handled Rauner. I hope to see more of it, more of real politics, on the national stage.


      3. Democrats don’t run failed presidental candidates twice and they don’t run the runner-up in the primary of the last Presidential election they lost AFAIK. So HRC isn’t going to run and Bernie isn’t going to run either. Al Gore, John Kerry, Dukakis all went away from elected political office after they lost.

        Republicans love running their runner ups in primaries in subsequent elections if they lost the previous one. See: McCain, Romney.


        1. “don’t run failed presidental candidates twice ”

          Not recently, no. But there was Adlai Stevenson in the 1950s.

          I actually supported Clinton (I find calling her ‘Hillary’ all the time to be a bit infantilizing) in 2008 but I think her time as a viable candidate was over before 2016.
          Theoretically, a Clinton/Obama ticket would have won in 2008 and set up an Obama presidency now (rather than years before he was really ready for it) but that’s not what voters wanted back in 2008….


            1. Biden’s probably running too. I like him, but Jesus Christ he’s gonna be 78. Instead of all the same damn people we’ve been hearing about for so long, let’s get someone new (new to most of the public, not politics, obviously.)


  3. But there was Adlai Stevenson in the 1950s.
    They didn’t televise debates back then.

    I also hope that the Democrats ditch both identity and “Trump’s worse” as an electoral strategy.
    I agree that “Trump’s worse” is not a great strategy. However you must recognize that Trump’s appeal is 95% “identity politics” and “those people are Not Us and Everything Which is Wrong With America ™”. I’m sorry, we all keep dancing around it because we don’t want to think horrible things about half the voting population but it’s the most robust explanation and it doesn’t fall apart under examination. Further, if you want to use psychology in a neoliberal context by way of business school (it’s simply amazing how business courses make all these insights from other fields so fucking boring) you must realize that “identity” (aka belonging) figures higher than “physiological needs” and “safety” on Maslow’s pyramid of human needs. Companies that can position their products and services with a higher association on that that pyramid do better because they can differentiate themselves from their competitors who consumers see as mere commodities. If you look at candidates as a brand in a context where even the lowliest job seeker is urged to “sell themselves”, it’s a mistake to cede the higher levels of the pyramid to the other party. It’s a mistake to cede any levels of the pyramid to the other party. This is why “Make America Great Again” was a better slogan than “Stronger Together.” And yes, I realize it’s weird to look to a political party, candidate, or consumable for anything higher than “safety”.


  4. “Job number one of the democrats should be..”

    Stop this. Nobody believes you’re sincere. Why are you pretending to care for the prospects of the Democratic party? They’re not your people. This is like if I started doling out advice for the alt-right (which are your people).

    ‘You know, job number one for Richard Spencer should be…’


    1. “Nobody believes you’re sincere”

      I’m sure everyone is grateful to you for expressing their opinion.

      “This is like if I started doling out advice for the alt-right (which are your people)”

      I would be grateful if you would stop making such assumptions. They do not reflect well upon you.


  5. On a related note, Bernie Sanders is still a big enough threat to Hillary-apologists like Melissa McEwan to scare them to death. Shakesville’s posts today include a linked article called TEN REASONS WHY BERNIE SANDERS MUST BE STOPPED.

    The reasons (actual section titles): 1. He’s self righteous. 2. He’s a hypocrite. 3. He’s vicious, and lied about it. 4. He’s reckless and destructive. 5. He lied (about something else). 6 & on to 10…essentially the same insults, reworded.

    Trump has no idea how lucky he is to be facing opponents like this!


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