Thursday Link Encyclopedia

Disgusting, horrible people.

Fashion trends in mental illness diagnoses.

Oh, we loved this soap opera. But not even remotely for reasons this author suggests. The article is a great example of how one takes a true fact and misinterprets it completely.

It‘s always Asians who get caught in the middle of American civil war reenactments.

At this point, using the expression “white men” marks one as an unredeemable fool. And there are many fools. 

I’m stunned by the childishness of all these people who hide messages in resignation letters. I’m sure they think it’s some sort of a political action instead of an infantile prank with zero consequences.


6 thoughts on “Thursday Link Encyclopedia”

  1. From the first article, Louise clearly has no illusions as to what this administration is all about, and is clearly putting her hat in the ring to play the role of Meliana in the inevitable Trump biopic, if not in real life.


  2. “I’m stunned by the childishness of all these people who hide messages in resignation letters.”

    I agree, an infantile stunt that totally destroyed any serious points made in the letter. You’d think a person with his credentials would think twice and say, “Okay, clever — but not really a good idea!”


    1. Because it was the first. It was a completely new genre that people had never experienced before and that’s why we all remember the very first Latin American telenovela and the first US soap.

      The idea that life was all horrible and bleak for us back in the 1990s is silly. I, for instance, have the fondest memories of the time, especially the first half of the decade. I first had my own clothes (not hand me downs, not handmade crap) in 1991. And so many people suddenly started to have their own clothes, bright colored clothes, their own personal style. And I’m not even talking about the joys of being able to buy food after 8 pm. And yogurt cups! Seeing them for the first time was magical.

      I can go on forever about this.


  3. Was glad to read that:

    Weizmann Institute named world’s sixth best research institute

    Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science is named the top research institute outside of the United States; Institute president credits approach to research for high ranking: ‘We recruit scientists who are among the best in the world and let them follow their curiosity.’,7340,L-5002891,00.html


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