Onion or Truth?

Is this a serious job posting or a mockery? Can anybody figure it out?

20 thoughts on “Onion or Truth?”

      1. Seattle Public Schools don’t draw from the same pool of money as East St. Louis’s schools. If you’re talking about high school, well East St. Louis gets its money from Missouri state government and the local and state property taxes.If you’re referring to a university campus…that’s mostly the state (Missouri). At my current school, whenever they talk about budget cuts, it’s always the state.


    1. No, it’s the opposite. It’s a job for somebody who wants to get grants and build an empire of well-photographed boutique programs that nobody dare criticize as inefficient. They will have ample opportunities to generate data showing that the gap cannot be closed without even more money than they originally budgeted. So they need more and only a bigot would object.

      You aren’t one of those Charlottesville racists, are you?


        1. “Jews will not replace me”

          Wasn’t that (partly, mostly) inspired by Bill Kristol famously saying that the solution to problems with the white working class was to replace them with immigrants?

          That sounds more like consumerism than anything else…


  1. “Wasn’t that (partly, mostly) inspired by Bill Kristol famously saying that the solution to problems with the white working class was to replace them with immigrants?”

    Actually, no. How many Jews immigrating to this country are “working class”? The vast majority of them are highly educated, like Clarissa, and find jobs appropriate to their degrees.

    “Jews will not replace me.”

    This remark should have terrified Jews back in the first half of the 20th century, when the German Nazis had conquered half a continent, and had military might that stretched from the gates of Moscow into North Africa and into the waters off New Jersey.

    The American “Nazi” copycats are impotent fools that nobody should be afraid of. They were clowns back in the 1950s, led by a pipe-smoking idiot named George Lincoln Rockwell, who was shot dead by one of his own followers a decade later. They weren’t even outlawed along with the American Communist Party back then, because the U.S. government rightly didn’t consider those insects a real threat.

    They’re still insects today — cretinous scorpions who will dry up and burn away in the the sunlight. All you have to do is ignore them. Their ideology has never taken root in this country, and it never will.

    When you pick fights with them, like the “Antifa” anarchists — whose real goal is to sow violence and disorder — all you’re doing is giving the neo-Nazis an illusion of power that they’ve never had.


    1. “Actually, no. How many Jews immigrating to this country are “working class”?”

      You misunderstand. It’s not replace as in ‘take our place’ but replace as in ‘disinherit us and bring in new (non-jewish) people to take our place’

      It’s Kevin MacDonald stuff, the idea that Jews distrust any (non-jewish) majority and will seek to replace it with diversity…


      1. Thank you for pointing out the pernicious — and ridiculous — beliefs of Kevin MacDonald. He’s never even come to my attention, because my radar isn’t tuned to the paranoia of every anti-Jewish conspiracy theorist in this country. The idea that Jews as a group have some master plan to replace “non-Jewish culture” (however that’s defined) with “Jewish culture” (however that’s defined) is straight out of the 1940s-Nazi playbook, and echoed by the neo-“Nazi” fools today.

        The Jews who immigrate to America today are assimilating, and gladly — Clarissa is a perfect example, retaining the old world customs that are important to her without displacing the reasonable new American customs that she accepts readily. (This is not only the right thing to do, but the only workable solution: Jews will never arrive into America in sufficient numbers to overtake the predominant culture, and they know that that can succeed only by assimilating and adding their ideas into it — thereby enriching both cultures.)

        Kevin MacDonald is much less of a nuisance that the neo-“Nazis.” Very few people have even heard of his lunacy, while the White Supremacy/”Nazi” groups are taken much too seriously, forcing confrontation when they should be simply laughed at and ignored.


        1. \ Kevin MacDonald is much less of a nuisance that the neo-“Nazis.” Very few people have even heard of his lunacy

          I still don’t know who this Kevin fellow is, but cliff’s description of his attitude is nothing new to me.

          Unfortunately, Kevin invented nothing here, simply repeating a widespread “explanation” how Jews are to blame for globalization and immigration to Europe.

          “Jews are for destroying Western civilization with open borders, while enjoying their ethnic state to which nobody is allowed to immigrate” is a standard claim in some circles.

          I suppose the grain of truth in this claim is that many non-Israeli Jews are Left-leaning and speak for refugees and/or illegal immigrants, while Israeli Jews let only Jews immigrate to my country and wouldn’t dream of experiencing the rates of illegal immigrants or even refugees that Europe is experiencing now.


            1. \ This will bring you up to date on him:

              I didn’t think you would surprise me, but ” a retired professor of psychology at California State University” who was paid by a public university to be ” a primary voice for anti-Semitism from far-right intellectuals”?

              I thought California was left wing, but nobody made a peep about Kevin MacDonald (AFAIK), unlike those numerous profs persecuted by SJWs that Clarissa has often blogged about.


              1. Academic freedom. He should develop his theories in peace. It’s only from a multitude of voices – even ridiculous, even offensive – that truth can be born.


        2. Dreidel, if you read my comments about Arpaio, I would love to read a Right-wing take on it too. Both about his treatment of inmates – was it much worse than in an average American jail? – and an explanation what he was doing that was prohibited by court – were most of the arrested legally in America, and if not what was the problem.


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