How to Help Houston?

As Americans are opening their wallets and donating to relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, one of the most prominent charities is the American Red Cross. But donors might be surprised to learn the Red Cross won’t, or can’t say, what percentage of their dollars will go directly to helping the victims of the storm.

The Red Cross spent 25% of what people had donated to the victims of the Haiti hurricane on “internal expenses.” And internal expenses mean sky-high salaries for dumbasses of Cecile Richards’ ilk. But hey, charities that only spend a quarter of donations on caviar parties and on keeping rich old hags in style are rare. Most appropriate a lot more. As a result, many of the people who want to help victims of natural disasters are actually helping the ultra wealthy class that organizes these disasters to begin with. 


2 thoughts on “How to Help Houston?”

  1. I know you hate twitter threads, but this one is good.

    TLDR: Red cross is mainly a blood business (which it sells for profit), with a side of charity. American hospitals need less blood these days because surgeries are more efficient. So, Red Cross cuts costs, but only on the ‘charity’ side of things. That means they’re even less prepared to deal with disasters, cut experienced staff, and get unpaid volunteers who don’t know anything about the job.

    That their CEO came from AT&T says it all.


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