CEOs Need to Shut Up

Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, and Silicon Valley CEOs Implore Trump Not to Eliminate DACA.

Can’t these suckers just stay the fuck out of it, for a change? They are only making things worse. All they are doing is giving credence to the idea that billionaires like immigrants because they are helpful in driving down wages and destroying labor protections. 

The CEOs’ appeals to morality and kindness stink to high heaven. Their moral authority is lower than that of a sack of rotting cabbage. They need to stop posturing and go treat their own employees with a bit more humanity. 


3 thoughts on “CEOs Need to Shut Up”

  1. That’s neoliberal reasoning for you:

    “Some CEOs are for/against it! That means it’s good/bad!”

    “This person would make a great POTUS because they have an MBA/run a company/are rich!”

    “Even CEOs are for/against it! That means it’s conventional wisdom!”

    I don’t know how much they’re making anything worse/better since so many people subscribe to this reasoning that we must listen to what CEOs want and think as this legitimating force.

    Most companies aren’t representative republics. And the most common response to not subscribing to this logic is to absent oneself from politics.


    1. It’s bad enough we have a billionaire president. Must we hear yet another bunch of billionaires hijacking every conversation on every issue? They are fabulously rich already. What else do they want? Dumb motherfuckers.

      I just heard our university administration is denying us a cost of living increase yet again even though there is money to punish us for unionizing. So the implorations of billionaires annoy me even more than usual.


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