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This is one of those Onion-type pieces that is hilarious irrespective of ​whether the author is trying to be funny or describing an actual event. But I had to share because it’s very funny.


3 thoughts on “Funny Link”

  1. I also wanted to share a funny (not for work though) link from the show cliff mentioned – two JAP (Jewish American Princess) lawyers engage in “the most kosher hip-hop beef of all time”. There are many American Jewish-life references, including one to fighting who is the most liberal. 🙂

    JAP Battle (EXPLICIT) – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    The explanation of the context:

    The plot: Our heroine Rebecca’s longtime nemesis from Scarsdale, Audra Levine, who now has the high-powered New York City lawyer job Rebecca abandoned, shows up in West Covina to represent the evil utility company that’s illegally diverting the valley’s water supply to rich people in Los Angeles. Rebecca and Audra engage in a rap battle royale about who is really the alpha Shebrew.


  2. I usually see humor in many cases which you tend to interpret as probably serious, but here I was reading with 100% assurance of seeing slightly too much exaggerated parody. Then I checked other articles by the author to enjoy more humorous writing, and was genuinely surprised to find all other pieces to be perfectly serious.

    I have also detected more than a whiff of racism in Makala McNeil’s words (and after rereading was surprised a black person said that):

    // “You see how much fear and how much anger you insight in black people just from an unintentional image

    First of all, it’s incite anger, not have insights which were lacking in this piece.

    Second, Miss McNeil should examine her … herself, reach higher level of awareness and ask DM Online to publish another piece on the dangers of SJ activists playing into racist stereotypes in their own speeches.

    While expressing anger may be forgiven in the exceptional cases of the president of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and a few other socioeconomically advantaged African-American activists, such goodwill won’t be extended to an average African-American on the street.


  3. Another funny link:

    // Vibe Israel, a nonprofit organization leading initiatives to strengthen Israel’s brand in the world, is inviting five dogs from the US along with their humans for a pampering five-star vacation to the Holy Land.

    But not just any canine. Vibe Israel is looking for three dogs who have a wide following on Instagram, along with two others who are popular on the photo-based social media platform, but don’t necessarily have to be online superstars.,7340,L-5010998,00.html


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