What’s the Plan?

For Democrats, the mission looks pretty basic: Keep pointing at Trump and asking voters in horrified tones, “Do you really want this guy running around unchecked?” Expect Democratic campaign ads to make liberal use of photos featuring Trump smirking alongside Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell. Message: What cozy peas in a pod!

If that’s really the plan, we are massively screwed. 

Yesterday I turned on MSNBC, heard that there were 16 new Russia revelations, and turned off the TV in disgust. The happiness on the newscasters’ dumb little faces makes me wonder if they are altogether mentally there. 


7 thoughts on “What’s the Plan?”

  1. I confess that I do not understand your contempt for the Trump/Russia investigation. It involves a serious criminal issue. I vividly remember Watergate. This is following a similar story arc. I do not know how it will turn out, of course; bu it is not a triviality.


    1. I care about the ultimate goal. What’s the goal here? To impeach Trump and end up with President Pence? I’m not interested in that plan. It does nothing for me. So why should I care about the scandal? I know it pleases Putin a great deal. Why should I participate in pleasing Putin when I get nothing out of it?


  2. This strategy can actually be pretty effective for midterms. But we need to start repairing our image too. I think Chuck Schumer realizes that, which is why he came up with that “better deal” idea.

    And when we attack the GOP/Trump, it needs to be over things people actually care about. Healthcare, breaking promises, etc. Not tweets and Russia.


  3. The bottom line is that NOTHING will come of it since both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans. The damage this administration has done in the last 8 months is immense and won’t stop with removing Trump and running through the presidential line of succession. Democrats need to have something other than “remove Trump” because that’s not compelling enough to get people to turn out in huge numbers to defeat the gerrymandering & voter suppression. They need something to do in the meantime if they gain seats but fail to take back either house.


    1. Exactly. And the problem is, the damage he’s doing is not the kind that’s immediately noticeable. The gas prices didn’t soar, the unemployment isn’t either. So all of the expressions of shock and outrage sound hollow when faced with the daily reality of so many people where nothing is the least bit different. As a result, nobody trusts anything the oohing and aahing media are saying.

      Unless you can show voters an immediate and horrible impact of Trump on their lives, you can’t trust the strategy of peddling Trump’s horribleness as your only agenda.


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