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Of course, if Lilla simply said everything I already know about neoliberalism as a threat to democracy, I wouldn’t have liked the book. I hate to be in agreement because it’s a massive waste of time. 

Once and Future Liberal also told me things I didn’t know about the trajectory of the US liberalism since the 1950s. (There is a lot more in the book about the trajectory of the US Republicans but I knew all that stuff already). I now understand why “incrementalism” was such a dirty word in the last election and where the idea of Liberals as elitist comes from. 

Plus, the book is funny and offers many good jokes. So it’s enjoyable to read, too.


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    blockquote>But in the majority of that period, we had segregation in this country, for example.

    I’m not talking about the reality on the ground. I’m talking about the way we thought about the reality on the ground. The reason we fought in the civil rights movement isn’t because of difference. We fought for equal rights because every citizen, by virtue of being a citizen, deserves to have those rights. And so the language we employed on the left was that of equal citizenship and solidarity. When you lose that language, then you no longer have a weapon. The word we is the most important word in the Democratic lexicon. If you cannot appeal to that, you cannot rally people.



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