Life is so unfair. I’ve been struggling on this diet for months. And yes, I lost 27 lbs, which is half of what I need to lose. And then N went on this diet and lost 15 lbs just like that. He didn’t even suffer! Not that I want him to suffer, of course, but it’s hard to admire somebody’s easy success when it’s not as simple for you to achieve it. 


7 thoughts on “Unfair ”

  1. Never diet alongside a male, biology has just DESIGNED women to have a better chance of surviving in a famine or when feeding a child as well as themselves, so our bodies cling on to every calorie they get, and however happy one is for the male, one always feels bad for the female self!


  2. Yeah, they have a different metabolism and more muscle mass (which helps burn calories more efficiently). It’s quite annoying. My kickboxing instructor says a woman counts calories and exercises, and the weight barely budges; a guy just stops drinking beer and drops 20 lbs.
    And I hear you on the slight annoyance for him tagging along when it was your diet first; I need a lot of space in my marriage, and I have things or activities that are just mine (like kickboxing) where I would be really pissed if my husband encroached upon them. Mine-mine-mine! 🙂


    1. Thank you for understanding! I was so proud of my achievement and now it has completely paled in comparison with his. And now I can’t moan about how hard it was because it’s so easy for him.


  3. You cannot compare a short woman and a much larger man in this respect. His 15 lbs is probably much less significant in terms of your respective body types and sizes, and your weight loss is larger in absolute terms, larger as a percentage, and healthier because it is more gradual.

    Also, if you are both following similarly healthful eating habits that is better in the long run. He would be sabotaging you more by gaining weight, right?


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