Christmas Eve Dinner

Another strange thing Klara likes to eat is vinegret. I posted a recipe a while ago. It’s a salad made with beets, potatoes, cucumbers, green onions, green peas, carrots, and pickled cabbage. I pickled the cabbage myself, by the way. I made some of this vinegret (which  contains no vinegar, by the way) for the guests who are coming today, and when Klara asked to try some, I was sure she’d hate it. But I was completely wrong. She refused the Mac and cheese lunch I’d made her and ate the vinegret instead.

I’m also making another beet salad with walnuts, garlic and dried figs for the guests. If she likes this one, too, I’ll be completely weirded out.

I was going to make turkey, and taught Klara to say the word “turkey” but one of our guests doesn’t eat meat, so I’m doing my signature salmon baked with oranges, spinach and tomatoes dish. 

So our Christmas menu is very untraditional with salmon and two beet salads. The New Year’s, on the other hand, will be so traditional, it will be like it’s 1983. 


8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Dinner”

  1. Is the dinner your inner Orthodox (Christian) coming out? Don’t they refrain from meat on Xmas eve?

    Poles don’t eat meat on Xmas eve but it’s a remnant of the old advent fast that was given up on in most of the Catholic sphere.


    1. Our big celebration is New Year’s. That’s when we really go crazy.

      Ukraine is moving Christmas to December 25, to be like the West and not like Russia. I grew up in the USSR, and neither date means anything to me, to be honest.


  2. These stories about Klara remind me of a friend’s daughter. She ate all sorts of adult foods when she was little; stinky cheeses, sausages, smoked fish, sushi, Thai food, Indian food, every vegetable, every meat, every spice. She wanted to try everything and liked most of it. When she was old enough to read she started pulling cook books off the shelf and asking her parents to make things she found in them. At some point she started requesting trips to restaurants for her birthday and Christmas presents because she wanted to try new foods. She’s twelve now and her parents more or less let her do what she wants in the kitchen and enjoy the benefits.


    1. Maybe Klara will become a chef and Clarissa will use her blog to regale us with photos of Klara’s latest creations.


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