Christmas Links

For those who are also celebrating alone, here’s a couple of good links. 

This is a valuable article on teaching literature in college. Just skip the vapid blabber about capitalism, managers and the rest of the fashionable topics the author knows nothing about and read about teaching literature, which she understands very well. 

great article illustrating one of the aspects of the nation-state’s collapse. It explains extremely well why the US politics has been the way it’s been. For now, the divide is geographical but very soon it won’t be. Think of where that will lead. 

3 thoughts on “Christmas Links”

  1. These changes are already leading to problems for some city folk. Poor people (mostly black) are being priced out of the neighborhoods they’ve always lived in. There’s a general feeling here that in the next 10-20 years that poor people won’t be able to afford to live in Cincinnati anymore. That’s already happened in San Francisco.


    1. Not just poor. Even regular people who are not at all poor but not wealthy either can’t afford San Francisco. New York, too. Last night’s guests we had are New Yorkers. But they had to leave and move here because they now have kids and they can’t even begin to afford New York.


      1. I’m not sure we’ll get to that point in Cincinnati anytime soon, we aren’t a tech industry hot spot like the Bay Area is. SF is definitely at that point; middle class people are struggling to afford the suburbs at this point.


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