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Christmas Dinner

The green part is the dish I’m really proud of. It’s a healthy version of Southern collard greens with broccoli and green beans. It has not a gram of fat of oil of any kind, yet it still tastes quite Southern (especially to Northerners). The pink is my signature salmon baked with oranges. And the red is the vinegret. 

(The teaspoon is there because it’s Klara’s plate).

Of course, we are planning to go ultra unhealthy on New Year’s, so this is a virtuous dinner in preparation for that mega-bash. 


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5 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner

  1. “it still tastes quite Southern (especially to Northerners).”

    I made borsht that tastes quite Ukrainian (especially to Russians).


  2. Looks fantastic!

    OT I have just discovered this article rating and comparing cold places. It turns out that in Canada you can have Siberian cold replicated after all. That means there must be some place on this continent that replicates Ukrainian cold.


  3. Socal dendrite on said:

    Does Klara enjoy putting raspberries on her fingers to make a raspberry hand? Mine do 🙂


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