Ridiculous Consumers

People are so ridiculous. Buying “experiences” is more, not less, consumerist than buying toys and candy. 

If you want to avoid consumerism, a good place to start is not to buy. Going to Nordstrom’s to escape from consumerism, though, is painfully dumb. Go to the library, to the park, to the playground. Stay at home and play Scrabble. But paying for manicures at a mall is not any less consumerist than paying for ice-cream at that same mall.

Cool capitalism, folks. Pay more to feel vaguely rebellious and fashionably quirky. 


2 thoughts on “Ridiculous Consumers”

  1. Things tie people to places. If you have more things it takes more time, mental energy, and money to move. It’s no surprise that this is a trend being promoted in various media outlets. The minimalism and capsule wardrobe trends are also consumerist trends that create people who can move at the drop of a hat.

    OTOH, I do think there are some positives to these trends. My mother keeps buying me home decor items that I don’t really like, but I feel guilty getting rid of them. Things really can be burdens. Unless I’m very sure that someone will like an object, I stick to giving consumables; wines, fruit baskets, boxes of chocolates, art supplies. People enjoy them, but no one gets stuck with anything they don’t like and don’t know how to get rid of.


  2. The article reminds me of forum boards for people with hoarding family members. Some people truly do not need any more things.

    It’s not anti-consumerist, but it can be anti-globalist, if you take someone to a local cafe, or locally owned manicure place, or to the independent book store to pick out a book that they like.

    Of course, Nordstrom’s getting in on the act shows what class of people this is aimed at. If your Christmas gifting strategy is going to yard sales, the dollar store, and second hand stores throughout the year to find stuff, probably saving up your entire budget isn’t going to buy a week-long vacation to anywhere for your whole family.

    I mostly bake for my family, unless something has caught my eye during the year as something they could really use/would really want.


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