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Southern New Hampshire University has fired an online adjunct professor and apologized to an Idaho student after the professor gave the student a failing grade and insisted that Australia is not a country.

Maybe this will teach people not to waste time and money on online diploma mills.

7 thoughts on “Online College

    1. I found the link in a colleague’s post whose reason for posting was to denounce the article’s author for “shaming an online college as if it were somehow inferior.”

      The world has gone wackadoodle.


      1. I would have lots of cynicism if I had to go spend lots of money and go into non-dischargeable debt to get a degree to get hired for living wage jobs only to get taught by someone who doesn’t know basic geography.

        Well fuck me then. I’m more than amply qualified to teach at Southern New Hampshire University. I know Australia is a continent and a country! And if I didn’t I know how to use Wikipedia! I’m an advanced research scholar!

        Clearly, I’m a ginormous font of knowledge since I know what a motion in limine is and the Daubert standard is (which a federal judge nominee didn’t).

        Man, why don’t I have eleventy Ph.Ds already? I’ve already had to educate my professors on history as an undergraduate. Clearly, this schmuck adjunct has a Ph.D or masters; it can’t be that hard. I’ve talked to many Ph.Ds who cannot for the life of them, fucking use spell check. But me dum dum, because I “only” have a college degree and it’s not some magical STEM degree.

        LOL. Maybe I could do your colleague’s job for him/her. 😀

        [Heavy, heavy sarcasm.]


        1. I feel very alienated from so many of my colleagues. When they come up with stuff like defending the online scammers who teach that Australia is not a country, I feel like inhabit a different planet. How can anybody defend such a thing? It’s atrocious.


  1. It feels like a college education is being reduced to paying thousands of dollars to google things — more so I’m the online environment. But I’m feeling jaded after grading a plagiarized Shakespeare paper turned in by an honors student. 😒


  2. Shit. Commenting on my phone always makes me look stupid. Should say “moreso in the online environment.”


  3. Yeah, but the internet and high-tech, with their enabling us the ability to perform every social, business and academic transaction online, is the epitome of the current state of cultural progression thus far ….


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