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Wagner Is Done

Do you, folks, know that US air force killed 100 Russian troops in Syria the other day? Is it being reported here? These are literally the same troops that fought in Ukraine and the were transferred to Syria when it became clear that the war in Ukraine wasn’t winnable for Russia. They are elite special forces. Or were, I guess. The name of the group is ChVK Wagner.


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5 thoughts on “Wagner Is Done

  1. David Bellamy on said:

    Will this end the good relations between Trump and Putin??

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  2. “Who’s side is the U.S. on?”, one has to ask ….
    Oh yeah …the oligarchs and N.W.O.s …


  3. Dreidel on said:

    CNN says “some Russian contractors” may have been killed in the U.S. attack, apparently no big deal.


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