She Is Two!

It’s Klara’s birthday! We went to the pediatric dentist, which does seem like a weird birthday activity but it had to be done, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. Then we had lunch at Panera to celebrate. After Klara’s nap, we are going to the kids’ gym.

I read so much about tofu that I got scared of it, so I ended up making tofu and French lentil soup. I wanted to try something completely outrageous and almost made pelmeni and tofu soup but I’m not allowed to have pelmeni right now, unfortunately.

It’s incredible that it’s been two whole years and Klara already visits dentists and eats tofu and lentil soup.

10 thoughts on “She Is Two!”

  1. Happy birthday, Klara! Today is also my mother-in-law’s birthday, and she is a very sweet lady. Also, Abe Lincoln was born on this day, too! I guess good people are born February 12th!

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  2. Give my sincere Happy Birthday greetings to Klara!

    But what’s holding up the protected photographs of her milestone birthday party?? I polled all your readers I know (one – me), and that’s what they all want to see.


    1. The party is on the 25 because N will be away at a conference this week. And I hope she lets me take photos because recently it’s been impossible. I barely manage to fill my Groovebooks any longer.


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