Facebook recently launched Messenger Kids, a social media app that will reach kids as young as five years old. Suggestive that harmful persuasive design is now honing in on very young children is the declaration of Messenger Kids Art Director, Shiu Pei Luu, “We want to help foster communication [on Facebook] and make that the most exciting thing you want to be doing.”

I’d put these fuckers in jail. These are real evildoers.

I highly recommend the whole piece.


12 thoughts on “Evil”

  1. Imagine trying to prevent your kid from becoming addicted when all their friends are. At kindergarten or 1st grade age at most.

    Btw, I was surprised you recommended an article which implicitly compared creating such kid-oriented platforms to forstering drug addiction. I got this impression since the effects of technology were compared to drugs.

    You also usually talk about parental responsibility and how ads cannot make anyone do anything.


    1. It isn’t about ads, though. It’s about technology that even adults find addictive. I hope there is a general awakening to this issue. The analogy with cigarettes is apt. There was a huge mental shift in the perception of cigarettes. Today, only a total lumpen smoked in the same room with small kids, for instance.


  2. To how many online services do you have paid subscriptions? I have only three, Science News, NYT, and my local newspaper, delawareonline.com. Most of the links you post I cannot read because I am at my limit for free articles. It seems to be really expensive to be informed nowadays.


    1. I’m only subscribed to NYT. I have no idea the links I provide require subscription. I see them on my free Feedly app and it never asks me for a subscription.


        1. If you’re over your allotted number of free articles, you can open the link in an incognito window (or its counterpart in other browsers). It’s an extra step, but it works.

          Also, if you have Amazon prime, you get a free subscription to the washington post.


              1. Sorry, I thought it was permanent, but seems like after 6 months it bills you automatically. Might not be worth the hassle.


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