Dumb or Evil?

Democratic socialists see social democracies “as an improvement over the present situation in the United States,” said Maria Svart, the national director of the D.S.A., but “it’s really still society and the economy functioning on terms that are set by the capitalist class. Our ultimate goal is for working people to run our society and run our workplaces and our economies.”

And that’s exactly what we heard verbatim from our Soviet leaders from the first day to the last.

My only question is whether this Maria is the stupidest person in the world or if she’s actively malicious. It’s like those folks with “compassionate gulags” I linked yesterday. I can never figure if these people are all intellectually challenged, so to speak, or evil.

It’s like people walking around calling themselves national socialists and saying they favor the final solution but it’s not the bad final solution and not the bad national socialism. It’s just a coincidence the terminology is identical.

15 thoughts on “Dumb or Evil?

  1. Here’s the correct, straight-forward answer: She’s a goddamn idiot, end of story.

    Anybody on this planet today who calls himself or herself by the title “socialist” or “communist” (with or without any prefixes attached, and actually believes in that ideology) is as crazy as a loon. They’re totally blind to the history of the world over the past 100 years or so, and how those ideologies have destroyed every nation* where they’ve ever been applied, and still are today.

    Forget the so-called “Democratic Socialists of America.” They may win a few primaries, but they aren’t going any further than the American socialist and communist movements did in the U.S. a century ago. You can also dismiss the much-overrated so-called “alt-right, pseudo-wannabe-Nazi” cretins, who have no importance except what the AntiFa anarchist thugs choose to give them; both of those groups are harmless insects who fight only each other.

    The mainstream Democrats and Republicans in charge both seem to be acting like hysterical children lately, over Kanavaugh and Rosenstein and such. But it’s an election season, and the temporary madness will pass. It always does, and the world will go on as usual.



  2. What for is my “September 25,2018 at 06:34” comment “awaiting moderation”??

    Is it because I’ve stayed up much too late, and somehow added several false letters (now corrected) to my standard e-mail address that WordPress recognizes?

    Anyway, definitely bedtime in Arizona. Good night!


  3. Recently I shocked some people by posting it on Facebook that I am seriously considering voting Conservative in Quebec elections. Then I shocked more friends by suggesting that people should go through the programs of NDP, Quebec Solidaire and the Green Party with a calculator and decide for themselves if their programs make any sense.
    I should ruin my reputation completely by publicly wondering where the Quebec Solidaire got the money for the huge numbers of the high-quality election posters. Given that they are extreme socialists, I doubt some business has given them the money. Unless it is the business of some other oil-producing nation. Heh-heh… Not pointing fingers at anybody…


  4. Buon giorno from sunny (mostly) Italy (Sardegna to be exact (where I am and none of you suckaz are!) Internet is spotty so won’t post much this week as I waddle around looking at the water between pranzo and cena…


  5. I’ve been complaining for a while that people too often ignore economic class in favor of other aspects of identity/background. So, naturally, in a world where everything gets done wrong, people over-corrected, going beyond more talk of economic class and straight to the socialism talk.

    This is why the song “Holiday in Cambodia” was written.


  6. I am probably an idealist but I tend to view the Soviet Union as more a perversion of socialism than anything else, and this kind of language seems perfectly reasonable to me, though actually having grown up there and heard that kind of rhetoric all the time, it probably isn’t surprising that you have a rather more jaded view of things. At the same time I think there are a lot of the socialist left who still like to apoligise for the Soviet Union one way or another and believe the sort of crap it or other regimes like it stood for, even if not out and out Stalinists. Including sadly I think some leading members of the British Labour Party, who like to wave around Mao’s “Little Red Book” in Parliament and seem to support any dodgy cause or regime that opposes “Western imperialism”.

    Mind you, what you said at the end does remind me of a certain peak oil related discussion forum where people were seriously considering the need for some sort of “national socialism” and fairly oblivious to why that would automatically start causing issues.


      1. Well, I meant apologize as in apologetics rather than being sorry, but I guess you knew that already… 😉

        I for one am sorry that any movement towards which I have any sympathies could go on to produce the USSR and other similarly horrible and oppressive regimes, for one thing.


    1. These are real, serious neo-Nazis. But what’s interesting is that their rhetoric on Ukraine is absolutely mainstream in Russia, even if their rhetoric on Lenin is not. But yes, this is how Russian people feel about Ukraine. With very very few exceptions. I heard all this from ultra- refined, sensitive, artsy Russian friends back at university in Kharkiv.


  7. Russia blames Israel for a downed Russian plane over Syria:

    Гибель от российской ракеты российского самолета несколько дней была центральной новостью в сети. Потом выступил известный правдоруб от МО РФ генерал Конашенков – и он окончательно убедил публику российскую, что русских опять погубили евреи.



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