A focus group arranged over the summer by Fairfax County, Va., found that many college students who plan to vote via absentee ballot don’t send their ballots in because they are not exactly sure where to buy a stamp.

I believe it.

7 thoughts on “Believable

  1. Try Customer Service at their local supermarket.
    I’ve been buying books of Forever Stamps at a Kroger’s Customer Service for the last few years. One doesn’t even need to bother with the Post Office for those as other venues also sell those.


  2. Ha ha, I didn’t know where to buy stamps when I moved to the US. Guess what I did – just google where to find them! 😀


  3. Some young people can be wierdly passive about solving simple practical problems and figuring out how to do things they don’t already know how to do. I just googled “Buy stamps near me” and got a list of at least 20 places close by that sell stamps. But I know a good chunk of students would never think to do that.

    I am on a panel for student appeals of administrative decisions at my university. It’s amazing how many of the appeals boil down to something along the lines of “I thought I had met the minimum requirements for X and I was suprised to get an e-mail from the X office informing me that I was rejected because I didn’t meet the minimum requirements for X; I tried really hard to meet the requirements for X and I think that should be accepted for X because I tried so hard and I thought I had met the requirements.” The minimum requirements in question are usually very simple, clearly spelled out, and available on the internet and in various brochures. In most cases, it shouldn’t take anyone more than a few minutes to figure out if they meet them or not. Filling out the forms definitely takes longer than checking to see if you meet the minimum requirements, but students are surprised that their forms are rejected because they didn’t take five minutes to figure out if the met the minimum requirements and then they complain to the panel because they think it’s unfair.


  4. I sympathize since instead of Googling “Buy stamps near me” as TomW suggested, I have only thought of Googling “post offices in city X” and then physically going there to buy stamps. Have not thought about Amazon either.


  5. I honestly don’t remember needing a stamp for my absentee ballot. If I did, though, it cost fifty cents to get one at the student union. There was a big sign that said “Need Stamps?” by the door to the school post office. Most schools have a post office or mail room where students can buy stamps. And some schools offer to stamp national ballots for free.


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