I obviously don’t believe in astrology but there is this Ukrainian horoscope that is crazy good. Today, for instance, it tells me I’ll spend the day thinking about faraway countries, freedom, and travel. I’m leaving for Spain tomorrow, so definitely. On Saturday, the horoscope told me I’d experience profound spiritual moments. I got baptized on that day. On Friday, it said I’d be unusually sociable in the evening. And I did go to a house party for the first time in years. I’ve been reading it for months and it’s always like this.

As I said, I don’t believe in this shit. But apparently it believes in me.

10 thoughts on “Horoscope

      1. Two of the three things you’ve listed here also sound quite general – if people are going to be unusually sociable, Friday night’s a perfect night for it, and since it’s summer of course people will be thinking about holidays


  1. Liked idea for the post / discussion:

    против толпы
    Во что вы верите, что противоречит общепринятому мнению? Можно примеры о чем угодно – история, политика, наука, медицина, философия, воспитание детей, что угодно еще. В чем вы глубоко расходитесь с мейнстримом? Расскажите.



    1. Psychoanalysis, probably. That’s not mainstream, no matter how you define mainstream.

      I differ from my professional mainstream in pretty much everything, so it would be easier to make a list with a narrowly defined mainstream.

      What about you?


      1. I am still thinking about it. Interesting what other readers of your blog would say, particularly if one turned this one question into two: the first regarding the differences from general mainsteam, and the second- from this blog’s mainstream.


        1. This blog doesn’t have a mainstream, does it? I mean, there’s a huge silent majority that we never hear from, so nobody knows what it thinks. Those who do comment are very different from each other. And from me. It’s definitely not an echo chamber.


          1. I think this blog does have a mainstream in several matters.
            Do you want to put up such a post and conduct an experiment?
            It would’ve been interesting. 🙂


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