In Valencia

Normally, accommodations in Europe are small and cramped. But our hotel room in Valencia is huge, with an enormous veranda and a huge, private hot tub on the veranda.

I should let N organize all my travel from now on. I have no idea how he finds all these great places without ever having been to the area.

Until I recover my suitcase, I have to walk around in this long, bright-red, opera-style dress, which is the only thing I managed to buy at the airport Zara once I realized that the suitcase was gone. But the good thing about my age is that I don’t care how I look.

It’s funny, though, how dependent we are on our things. I spent two days in sweaty, dirty travel clothes and felt like a different person.

2 thoughts on “In Valencia

  1. Thank you. I’ve greatly enjoyed it and found it very applicable to present-day USA. Of course, the reality is a bit more complex in that not just any education is a path out of poverty. Assuming it is leaves people deeply in debt without enough of an income to ever fully pay it back.


    1. This was obviously meant to be a comment on the education article. Argh, that’s what I get for writing a comment on my phone.


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