Idiot Professor

Some idiot professor is asking on FB why students turn their cameras off during Zoom classes.

He seriously hasn’t figured it out.

3 thoughts on “Idiot Professor

  1. LOL
    My camera is off whenever I can get away with it. No one in their right mind has a camera on unless they absolutely have to have it on, which generally means adults with jobs who don’t want to lose said jobs.
    If you teach online, you either make peace with kids not turning them on (yes, perhaps barely paying attention or ignoring you altogether) or you instill draconian measures to force those cameras on. But no kids other than the most obliging upholders will turn cameras on just because the teacher asks, if none of their peers do.

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  2. During departmental meetings with colleagues I always keep my camera off. I keep it on in online classes to encourage students to do likewise, but not when I’m sharing a text or other materials on the screen. What would be the point?


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