Terrance Yeakey

Did you know about Terrance Yeakey? What a bizarre and scary story. Does anybody know anything about it beyond the Wikipedia article?

5 thoughts on “Terrance Yeakey

  1. Yes, had heard of him. Don’t know anything about it beyond what’s available on the internet, though. He was a big part of the stories circulating at the time, making the claim that the OKC bombing was an FBI screwup.

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    1. The keyword to search for the larger story is: PATCON. It was the codename for the federal FBI/ATF operation that took down the militia movement that really got going after Waco and Ruby Ridge. It was successful, largely because of the OKC bombing: after that, nobody in his right mind wanted to be associated with the movement.

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  2. I have never heard of this man. But I can say that there are two broad classes of conspiracy theory regarding the Oklahoma City bombing.

    One is that it was a federal plot to bring down the post-Waco militia movement. It sounds like Yeakey belonged to this school of thought.

    The other is that Arab or Muslim terrorists were also involved. Jayna Davis was the Oklahoma journalist who pursued the latter theme. And of all people, Richard Clarke, chief counterterrorism advisor at the end of the Clinton years and the beginning of the Bush years, talked about the possible Al Qaeda connection in his autobiography “Against All Enemies”.

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