Birthday Plans

Today Klara had an in-class birthday party at school. Now we are going to Applebee’s. Tomorrow she has a day-long playdate in lieu of a birthday party. The actual party will take place at the park in summer, giving us an opportunity finally to have an open-air birthday.

My attitude to the day-long playdate is stoic. On the one hand, it’s good to be left alone as the kids entertain themselves. On the other, they mostly entertain themselves by playing dress up and conducting scientific experiments with my bath products. So you can imagine the mess. One of the birthday presents is a rocket stomper, so I’m hoping to shuffle them outside to rocket stomp in nature. Another present is a geological excavation kit. Which won’t be easy to use, given we actually have snow.

We are fortunate to know an unafraid family who wouldn’t be terrified to bring a kid over for a playdate.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Plans

  1. Happy birthday to Klara!

    My son turns one on the 21st. A first birthday is a great excuse to throw a huge bash, but this year it’s not possible. We were considering doing a half birthday party at an outdoor park as well. I have two winter babies so I would love the opportunity!

    My daughter turned six in December and we had a couple of her cousins over and a friend for Christmas cookie decorating, Chinese food, and then just running around causing mayhem. It was a great, low stress day.

    Maybe a Valentine’s craft would be fun to do with the kids as well? Have fun tomorrow!

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