I will now never be able to read his novels and short stories again:

Not because of any political disagreement. There’s nothing political in this statement. It’s pure performance art. But because the efforts I had to make to disregard this author’s extreme subservience to the spoiled rich brats he is trying to impress will now most certainly fail.

24 thoughts on “Subservience

  1. Highly educated, very affluent Asian-Americans are suffering from discrimination and police violence due to “white privilege” ? You would think this is 1860 California and the Chinese construction workers are building our transcontinental railway !


      1. It’s worse than that: we actually know people who voted for Biden, think he’s the savior of the universe, and just had their insulin shoot up to a bewildering $2000/month… and they completely fail to make the connection. They think it is somehow Trump’s fault, because none of their news sources reported on that executive order. Not one. They have no idea why it happened. It’s crazy-making.


          1. If they had proper health insurance they would be able to afford the insulin. Now, how to ensure that they are properly insured?


              1. “Maybe I am. The question to consider is how getting everyone “insured” will be achieved.”

                Easy. Passport, one way trip to Canada, and bingo 🙂

                Also this will sound terrible but since drug companies rose mostly due to the indifference of average voters, I personally don’t feel the tiniest bit bad when those same voters experience reality.


              2. A timely reminder that the way Canada’s healthcare is, I wouldn’t be celebrating my daughter’s fifth birthday. There would be no daughter.

                My family lives in Canada. I break out in hives whenever I hear the words “Canadian healthcare.”


            1. I used to live in a country where everyone is insured. Good luck getting a decent medical care there. When my mother needed a hearing aid I had to bring her to the US and pay cold hard cash to get her an aid that actually works as opposed to the toy that she was entitled to for free. The general attitude actually was that old people are just hard of hearing and you have to speak louder, there is no need for a hearing aid. This is just a small example, I could keep going on and on about the substandard care and a corruption that such system breeds. And please spare me the suggestion that it is not the system but people, and if implemented in the US it would for sure be better.


              1. I said that people would need insurance to make up for the higher prices. I didn’t say the care received would be any better than before.


              2. @Paul

                OR we could just tell the drug companies they can sell it for a reasonable price, like Trump ACTUALLY DID. That was working.

                EpiPens also just got yanked out from under the price caps.


              3. I think Obamacare 2 is more likely than drug companies being forced to reduce prices. Don’t know if it will work.


            2. I’m properly insured but when I had gestational diabetes insulin was still quite expensive. And the kind I needed was never available, etc.

              Medical care is complicated everywhere.


      1. I’ve reviewed both of his novels for local newspapers. Never again. I mean, he clearly doesn’t want some racist white devil like me reading his work.

        The irony is that his family are refugees from a country that was colonized and ruthlessly exploited by the Chinese for over 900 years and suffered terrible crimes against humanity during the Japanese occupation. But somehow only white violence is truly “systemic”. You can’t make this nonsense up…

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        1. I was at his MLA talk and he went on and on about what a struggle it was not to write “for white people.” The chi-chi white people present were delighted and flocked to buy the books.


          1. Yes, you see that all the time at literary fests here in Canada: the middle-class aggrieved writer of colour complaining about writing for a white readership to an audience of middle-class white people.


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