Faith in Elections

People who spent twenty years undermining the public’s faith in election integrity are acting shocked that their efforts worked.

“Bush stole the election from Gore!”

“Russians stole the win from Hillary!”

“Stacey Abrams’ victory was stolen!”

Twenty years of that, and then they are shocked that people are saying, “OK, you win, elections are fake.”

There’s never any accountability. Nobody ever points out to these bastards the effects of what they are doing.

2 thoughts on “Faith in Elections

  1. Do you honestly expect the average political person/politician to actually understand and accept a sequence of cause & effect 20 years long, and then take responsibility, when their job and whole psyche is geared towards blaming someone else for everything and pretending to be squeaky clean in preparation for the next election?


  2. As far back as the late ’70s I would often hear remarks like “They’ll always make sure ‘their man’ gets in” (no matter what).
    Claims that the political system in the U.S. is (has always been) rigged is decades-old hat. There were always those who never doubted the underlying corruption of the U.S..
    Maybe they’re just starting to be more upfront about it?


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