Keto Lasagna

Since we are back in lockdown – this time a weather-related one – it’s back to intensive cooking.

I made a keto lasagna that I always wanted to try. You make it like a regular lasagna but use steamed cabbage leaves instead of pasta.

Then, of course, I kind of ruined the effect by stuffing my face with a slice of carrot cake but it’s not keto lasagna’s fault.

10 thoughts on “Keto Lasagna

  1. “steamed cabbage leaves instead of pasta”

    uhhhhhhh I like cabbage but that just seems…. wrong…. very, wrong… now extremely thin strips of zuchini….

    I once used some paidini I had sitting around that I needed to use (not keto but it worked as do flour tortillas)….


  2. My mother used to make something similar, except she would use only meat and tomato sauce to put in between the cabbage leaves (no cheese). It was just like unrolled stuffed cabbage. We were eating keto lasagna before keto or lasagna was a thing in Poland.


    1. “like unrolled stuffed cabbage”

      A place in my neighborhood does really good gołąbki… not entirely good as homemade… but the difference in price completely makes up for the very slightly lesser quality. I warm them up in a sauce made of tomato passata and paprika (Hungarian gołąbki are amazing…) and some other stuff and then dribble sour cream on top (more Hungarian influence)….


      1. I saw once my Russian friend putting sour cream on the stuffed cabbage. A couple of us Poles at the table thought this was a travesty. The only correct way of eating golabki is with creamy tomato gravy and everyone in Poland agrees 🙂


  3. If you swap the cabbage for zucchini and eggplant, you’ve basically made a mousakka. Maybe that’s something you’re interested in trying another time for fun 🙂


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