In Ukraine we regularly experienced shortages of electricity. I’m from the Northeast where the climate is like that of Montreal, Canada. Harsh, snowy winters and sweltering summers. Every winter electricity would be turned off at least once a week and we’d sit in the dark with no heating. Every summer we’d go for 3 months without hot water. One summer we had no running water at all. You can imagine the joys of that in a large industrial city of 1,5 million.

This happened because Ukraine was completely dependent for energy on a hostile neighbor. It was a poor, energy-dependent country whose population had been beaten down by 70 years of totalitarianism and didn’t know how to object. Since then, a new post-totalitarian generation grew up, and the current government is tying itself into knots to solve the energy problem.

That extremely rich states like California and Texas should have blackouts is a disgrace. Russians are not completely wrong to mock. In Ukraine, at least, nobody used the blackouts to advance some pathetic pet theory, so that was a relief.

One thought on “Blackouts

  1. In CA if I understand well the need for the rolling blackouts it has to do with the prior decisions on infrastructure made by notorious utility companies which are colonizers like the railroad companies in the 19th century. I need to learn more about it. In TX, the privatization and deregulation, and again, one needs to study more. In my town, the electric company is municipally owned and non-profit, and it’s not expensive and it always works, they are very attentive, but the big companies have this kind of thing in their sights, and the voters probably identify with that, the right to “freedom” of big exploitative companies is what matters most to many, so our electrical company may not last — but I hope it does


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