Mentally Unwell Parents

These people are all either men or childless women. No woman who actually breastfed can begin to care about such incredible crap.

The burden of a mentally unstable parent is too heavy for a child to carry. I wish people concentrated more on improving their mental stability and less on surgical and medicinal enhancements. You don’t have to breastfeed to be a good mother. But you do have to not be a malignant narcissist.

6 thoughts on “Mentally Unwell Parents

  1. I feel tainted by the fact that I am even able to understand what that statement means. It shows that I have read too much critical theory for my mental well-being. :p


    1. LOL. I am an educated professional with a doctorate. I barely understand the quote. How is an average person supposed to make any sense out of this?


  2. If the term ‘breastfeeding’ causes any particular negative reaction in a person then…. maybe they should rethink that whole ‘becoming a parent’ idea…

    And again, I remember reading not to use words like ‘harm’ unless you can point to physical results in the real world… what results in the physical world come from ‘misgendering’ someone?


    1. They will immediately kill themselves.

      In psychology, there’s a name for a relationship where one person controls the other with threats of suicide if their demands aren’t immediately met. Usually, people are counseled to leave such a relationship immediately.


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