Get One With It

Even Bill Gates has recognized that the COVID vaccine doesn’t work:

In Israel, people in healthcare have been saying this same thing for weeks. There needs to be a third shot. We all know what happens next. It’s the same thing that happened after “two weeks to flatten the curve.” There were two weeks more, then a month more, and now it’s been a year.

We need to accept that COVID is here to stay, stop waiting for a magic solution, and just get the ef on with our lives already.

I also want to say this in what concerns the snow. It’s winter. It snowed. Let’s accept this and move on. If we need to shovel out driveways or dig out cars from under the snow, then that’s what we need to do. I’m not talking about the people who lost electricity. I’m talking about those who are in lockdown again because there’s a new excuse. People around here are acting like it’s the end of the world when it’s simply snow. In February. Oooh, let’s all go hide.

5 thoughts on “Get One With It

  1. I’ll still get the COVID shot provided they make getting it more malleable—-put an end to the “waiting lists”, make it more readily available at common outlets (CVS, pharmacies, medical clinics, and the like), quit requiring advance appointments, don’t direct clients to areas outside bus routes or out-of-town locations without bothering to check if said client has his/her own transportation or other means of getting to said vaccination location, quit restricting number of locations where one can get the vaccine.
    If they’re actually THAT serious about “the need for” this vaccine then they need to “get on the ball” and just get the God-damn stuff out there alongside the other more common readily-available prescription meds!


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